There are places, so precious, unique and historical that are recognized World Heritage by UNESCO for their unparalleled beauty, one of these is the Amalfi Coast, where among the many villages that inhabit it, there is a very rare pearl: the town of Positano, kissed by the sun in a small cove, with a sea so blue that it leaves you breathless.

This small aggregation of houses, magically climbing on the rock gives the clear sensation of enjoying an image that seems to be painted by the skillful hand of a painter and everything appears so unreal, that it seems impossible that such beauty is so skilfully described by the contours pastel of the houses, immersed in the light reflected by the waves of the sea that welcome them.

Positano is pure poetry, where the precious local craftsmanship has a true story, built by local family generations and is one of the most important hubs internationally, for its precious craftsmanship, which ranges from gastronomy to painting, from weaving, to clothing .

During the 1800s Positano was renowned for the weaving of the canvas, made with the classic hessian, but when the canvas had disappeared, the locals sought new ways for their textile activities.

The real success that classifies the artisan clothing of this extraordinary and unique place, like a real category of clothing in the fashion world, recognized as "Moda di Positano" happened after the 50s of the last century, with the arrival of the crocheted bikinis, in a territory frequented by the Hollywood jet set, and not only, which inevitably was followed by clothing made to measure by local artisans.

Lace and embroideries, with the dyed-in-the-head technique (the coloration that occurs after making the clothes) covered the local workshops and among them was Theodora, a young designer who made her local tradition, the success of her brand , which from now until now, creates and realizes her clothing with the same artisan techniques of the past.

In fact the brand, from which the name of the homonymous stylist, "Theodora" is born, has been able to preserve over the years the most ancient secrets of the trade, knowing however to always distinguish and regenerate, according to the fashions and the demands of its customers.

What distinguishes this brand is its impeccable ability to make clothes, with the same secrets of its origins and today Theodora is a real international reference for the true "Positano Fashion" with an international character.

Although made by hand in their laboratory in Positano, the Theodora brand offers a vast range of clothing: linen or crèpe de chine, silk or georgette, cotton or linen, the dresses made by THEODORA, preserve, not only the tradition of unique craftsmanship, but thanks to the experience gained over the years by the designer, garments are made for every occasion, from elegant to casual and for every age. The real key to Theodora's success is not only the rich and precious experience of the atelier where everything is born and created by hand, but it is also the wise taste of cuts and inserts that it creates and realizes in each individual item.

Today the brand "THEODORA", in which the daughters of the designer, Marilena and Anna, actively participate, have inherited all the mastery and savoir fair from their mother, placing the brand today as a true and rare pearl in the Mediterranean, in a landscape where the sun's rays warm the heart, the scent of flowers nourishes the soul and the breaking of the waves are a sweet melody. All this is not obvious, it is not magic, this is the wonderful feeling that you live wearing the THEODORA dresses and that transfer on the body an exclusive and refined sensation in a few words ... all their unparalleled poetry.

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